about theory and otherness

When I was in grad school (1994-1996), I often did not understand suggested readings in theory and social/cultural critique. It was not until I moved to Philadelphia, where recommended readings from people into queer theory and otherness, began to make sense. Now, ten years later, I am beginning to put the pieces together. When I was reading critique by people who ascribed to a norm created by Eurocentric men, I was alienated and put into my place of otherness. As a result my emotions kicked in, I shut down and literally could not follow the train of thought. Granted, philosophers and theorists tend to write in a special language devoted only to those who are in the know. But for the most part it sent me into a downward spiral where in Philly, I crashed.

I may or may not add commentary to the writings I quote. But I would like to add that I am including people who alienate through comparison to the other such as several essays by Baudrillard as well as those who are part of the culture of which they write such as Michel Foucault, Judith Butler, Edward Said, bell hooks, etc.

Building community can be so cliche, but I crave theory inclusive of my lifestyle.