Laureen’s most recent work combines photography with print-art to create installations and settings that provoke a sense of both nostalgia and longing.  Griffin’s artistic endeavors also include, works of art and video created as community projects, works on paper, sculpture, digitally manipulated photography and video.

“My work is a series of architectural settings from times that never were but should have been, vignettes of parlors and other living spaces from eras gone by. Symbolic visual language and social coding dominate fantastical yet provocative theatrical environments to inspire dialogue about female representation and self awareness. As I observe and listen to people’s reactions to my work, ranging from perceptions of solidarity to alienation, I come to find how we are conditioned to associate material display in our homes and on our person with a sense of belonging.”

EVENTS for 2012

Art-on-view & news…

September 14th thru September 16thPhilly Fringe Festival – EvictionProof a peep show

The house invites visitors to peep into the lives and home of its family in this ‘Extreme Makeover’ meets ‘Peekaboo Playhouse’-styled theater event.  The house knows that its fate and  the family’s are linked and that puts a human face on foreclosure,” says EvictionProof Peep Show Home curator Brooke Whitaker.The three-story home sits on a quiet block in Germantown, enclosed by perpendicular less quiet streets.  From September 14th to September 16th each room in this gorgeously worn Victorian twin will become an expression of the manifestations of foreclosure, told through the eyes of  visual and performing artists.

In the “Virtual Fancy Room”, installation artist Laureen Griffin uncovers the truth, depicting the living room as the most dressed up but the emptiest of all of the rooms.  According to Griffin, it is in the living room where homeowners proudly display tokens of luxury, all to impress guests and maintain a facade.  Although beautiful, “it tends to be the most dishonest room of them all,” says Griffin.