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my first paper installation

What an incredible experience!!  EvictionProof Peepshow – as part of the 2012 Philly Fringe Festival – is not only my first installation comprised entirely of paper, but it also fulfills a couple of my long time dreams.  First, I have always wanted to install my work in a real home – and what a home this is.  A home of artists who are the most incredible hosts of all time.  Secondly, we actually charged admission and people showed.  Some will say “art should be open to the public at no cost”  – well this is fine if the artists have funds to sustain.  My life-partner, Martina, is a performer/director/producer in the art world of theatre and they almost always charge admission – why not visual artists?  And last but not least I finally meet Pauline Houston McCall and Debbie Lerman.  Please see the amazing artists of EvictionProof  – Michael Clemmons, Marie Monique Marthol, Mindy Flexer, Jennifer Blaine, Celestine Wilson Hughes

Here’s Virtual Fancy Room