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War Silences

This one-minute Public Service Announcement (PSA) is devoted to raising awareness of the human cost of the July-August 2006 Israel-Lebanon War. Speak Out! For more information see: Produced by: Laureen Griffin, Hazami Sayed, and Kate Zaidan [Medium Quality File]. This PSA is part of “No Time to Waste: The 48-hour PSA Project Confronting War,” held in Philadelphia, PA.

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Busting Out

This video began at Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival. It was my first time at the festival and I was blown away by the incredible array of womyn’s bodies! I have never had an experience like this before or anywhere else…so I decided to conduct breast interviews as inspired by Clarity Haynes’ work. Busting Out was in it’s conceptual stages and the interviews were a huge catalyst.

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The first place I visited when I moved to Philly was the Eastern State Penitentiary Museum. At Cranbrook Academy of Art one of the visiting artists had talked about its revitalization – how artists had used the old cells for installations. I was really into this. As it turns out the tour I got was more interesting than the art – our guide told us of the panopticon design by the Quakers and the bibliotherapy – the only book they were aloud to read was the Bible. Sound familiar? All I could think about with rage was STANDARDIZATION. How, in the USA, home of the free – we are forced to standardize…

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Nature Walk

During the winter of 1998, I lived in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia. I woke up one morning and was struck by the rainy light of the day – so I took a walk on the old train tracks leading from the loading dock of the Inquirer. I could not stop thinking about my grandmother and her love of nature – her stories of running through the meadows of the Vermont country side in starck contrast to my Nature Walk. I read Sara Teasdale’s poem Places – a poem I’m sure Mommom can relate to.

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Fighting Inertia

After EMERGENCE, I became infatuated with creating plastic metal. In other words metal structures flexible enough to physically change when worn by a human being.  This was also the beginning of digital video at Cranbrook and the computers could only handle 60 seconds max.  In addition, I had to recreate the video frame by frame as stop action animation.

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