EvictionProof – peep show

Eviction Proof takes place at 4613 Newhall Street and will open on Friday, September 14th, 7:30-9:00pm.  Admission is $15 for a tour through the house.  Patrons who wish to reenter may pay an additional admission.  Patrons are invited to share their stories of foreclosure and eviction online at our website, http://evictionproof.com or Philly Fringe Festival

The house invites visitors to peep into the lives and home of its family in this ‘Extreme Makeover’ meets ‘Peekaboo Playhouse’-styled theater event.  The house knows that its fate and  the family’s are linked and that puts a human face on foreclosure,” says EvictionProof Peep Show Home curator Brooke Whitaker.

The three-story home sits on a quiet block in Germantown, enclosed by perpendicular less quiet streets.  From September 14th to September 16th each room in this gorgeously worn Victorian twin will become an expression of the manifestations of foreclosure, told through the eyes of  visual and performing artists.

In the “Virtual Fancy Room”, installation artist Laureen Griffin uncovers the truth, depicting the living room as the most dressed up but the emptiest of all of the rooms.  According to Griffin, it is in the living room where homeowners proudly display tokens of luxury, all to impress guests and maintain a facade.  Although beautiful, “it tends to be the most dishonest room of them all,” says Griffin.

Artist Michael Clemmons, a painter and ceramic artist, stages the master bedroom titled “Evidence of Things Not Seen”.  “This room,” says Vashti, “is the place in every home that anchors the family or tears it apart.  It’s that place where the grown folks go to fight with each other and heal each other.  It is the share shame place.  We know that Michael will bring something to the surface in this room that we wouldn’t even be able to put into words.”

As onlookers view the installations, a Greek chorus, portrayed by the family, echoes the stories of each room, recounting arrested memories.  In other spaces, comedians and actors, such as Jennifer Blaine, Desi Seck and Cymande Lewis (who Vashti will direct the following weekend in “My Name is Sam Johnson”) will recount stories of other families dealing with foreclosure, and the unexpected hilarity and absurdity arising from the neglected and disenfranchised.  Screens will show interviews with families battling foreclosure and patrons will even have an opportunity to have their pictures taken in the upstairs studio as the evicted by photographer and installation artist Debbie Lerman.  Some interviews screened will be incorporated into the next day’s show.

Portions of the proceeds from Saturday’s shows will  directly benefit a resident of Germantown currently fighting foreclosure.