From our first Gender Talk

Thank you to all the participants of the first “Gender Talk” and to Heather Love for leading a very moving discussion. My hope is that the conversations will continue to move us within our daily lives as well as spread into others’.

Heather introduces the discussion:

“One of the things that seems interesting to me about the project is that it is through photography. So people are already talking about the difference between gender as something that people can see and something that is internal, what is on the inside – what people don’t see. I thought we could start by talking about what is gender? Is it that stuff that people see or is it something on the inside, or maybe that whole problem of the part on the inside and the part on the outside?”

Does the inside match what people see on the outside?

For some of us our hair helped signify gender, others said gesture was much more significant. Which in turn lead us into the dilemma of public display of emotion.

HAIR #1 hair01_1.mp3

HAIR #2 hair02.mp3

GESTURE #1 gesture01.mp3

EMOTIONS IN PUBLIC #1 emotionsinpublic01.mp3

EMOTIONS IN PUBLIC #2 emotionsinpublic02.mp3

EMOTIONS #1 emotions01.mp3

If you are interested in hearing more, please bookmark this page. I will continue to edit the two hour discussion into digestible bites…