Social and Moral Deviance

Things I am thinking about as I prepare my proposal for Eastern State Penitentiary

Standards are set and norm is created – anything outside the norm is deviance – downfall of Catholic control in general resulting from Darwinism, Positivism and the birth of Sociology create new categories of social hierarchy based on morality and male dominance within civilized society….ramblings on…

Positivism as religion satisfies the need to normalize through both science and mythology – comparing empirical knowledge with a higher world order understood through creationism – not necessarily Christian but the belief of the supernatural such as Comte’s declaration that “all phenomena [is] produced by the immediate action of supernatural beings”

This leads Lombroso to use Aryan physiological characteristics as a base model and Anglo/European civilization as basis for social and moral norms.

Criminals are sacrifices to the positivists as saints are to Christianity as a way to uphold belief – the if then state – atavistic characteristics proving the existence of the born criminal as underdeveloped (primitive) and therefor sub-human – also degeneration as the martyr is to Christianity?  just a thought…

Both atavistic and degenerative characteristics can be natal – however – atavism is often associated with racism and degeneration with disease (either physiological or mental, ie. alcoholism) and can be passed down as a birth defect. Degeneration – social in origin is gradually weakening and hereditary – criminal behavior caused by atavism and degeneration is therefor not created through choice and women fall into these categories of criminals as seen as sub-human.

One way to be more primitive is that a female has too many masculine characteristics as is proven that the more refined a culture – the more the women take on feminine characteristics of domesticity, beauty, modesty, and passivity –  and that civilized males look for these qualities in a mate – makes me think of plastic surgery

phrenology – correlation of sections of the skull to propensities of good and evil…

criminal anthropologists extended physical anomalies to the entire body