Women's Studio Workshop

First I would like to plug Women’s Studio Workshop and thank them for awarding me a fellowship and therefore giving me the chance to test my silkscreen printing techniques.  I have been experimenting with pattern design and screen printing fiber reactive dye onto cotton.  My first attempts simply followed the instructions on the sodium alginate package. However when I mixed alginate with fiber reactive dye and let it cold-cure, the dye bled and the pattern lost it crispness.  I will write about this in detail later.  At any rate my experiments entail combining rice paste or cornstarch with alginate to create dye pastes similar in consistency to acrylic based silkscreen inks.  If applied correctly they do not bleed when screened onto damp fabric.

So…WSW has large padded tables with registration rails for printing onto fabric larger than my 4×8 masonite table.  I could cover the table with plastic sheeting and lay the base layer of dye down before printing the patterns.  Also I could print on heavy canvases and create effects of a woven blanket and printed velvet as well as printing an allegorical tapestry. See Works in Progress and Flicker for images.

Please be advised that my imagery may not be for everybody as I explore topics such as female sexuality and anarchy.  This is another reason why WSW is key.  Exploring issues of female sexuality is celebrated in an all women’s space.